Friday, November 27, 2009

an inconvenient truth cools warming heat

an inconvenient truth cools warming heat

Ever since the Watergate hotel burglary every government scandal is given a name ending in“gate,”and because this sickens me, I’ll not use the popular term to refer to the fact that everyone should now know once and for all that this global warming non-sense is complete and utter bullshit (as I told you many years ago), and anyone who doesn’t have an echo in their skull should also see the sinister motives behind it.

If you still don’t see these things, stop reading this and go back to your television because it’s too late for you. Your mind is permanently dulled and you’ll never be any help to anyone unless you throw yourself in front of a bullet to save someone who thinks. If your are starting to grasp the enormity of the lies, you are also beginning to see the television for what it is, and you may also despise it for the power it wields.

But it’s also possible that you have seen through the lies, and still overlooked the most important aspect of them. Whether it’s the weapons of mass destruction, global warming, 9-11, Oklahoma City, or any one of a number of hoaxes that have been perpetrated upon the American people by our government and media, it’s not as important to know that we were lied to concerning these events as it is to see the real lesson to be learned here, which is that every single media outlet in America is capable of collaborating to tell the same lie, and helping to weave the tangled web of lies that must follow.

You cannot pretend there is any trace of an “independent press” in this country when you see this happen, but it does provide proof that we have a very intricate and well-oiled propaganda machine that exists exactly where Americans think they’re receiving their most reliable, and credible information. Once these facts are established, and they have been once again, you must also realize that for a long time, they have had the ability to completely deceive the entire population about any number of events, partly because they are all “trusted and credible” sources of information, but mainly because the same lie is repeated by ALL sources of information.

In the case of the global warming hoax, I knew it was a hoax because I listened to about a dozen climatologists, meteorologists, and geologists explain why it was a hoax, and their explanations made a lot more sense than Al Gore’s asinine hockey stick. There’s no shortage of PhD’s who’ll explain why the global warming scare is laughable, but unfortunately, none of them will ever be explaining this on television, the radio, in any national publication, or local newspaper owned by any of the newspaper conglomerates, and this control of the media prevents any real dissenting opinion from ever being aired publically. They will always provide two opinions on every topic, but unfortunately, neither one of them will come close to the truth. They’ll just give people enough to argue about, but never what they need to know to affect any real change.

Americans assume that a TV station’s big bucks always buys the most qualified opinions on any topic, but what these big bucks actually pay for is the phoney opinion of someone who is willing to perpetuate the myth of the moment. If you give most people a few thousand dollars they’ll go on TV and shovel any kind of dung you ask them to, but if they want to tell the truth, they can’t buy a minute of air time for ten million bucks.

The global warming scam wasn’t brought to us by FOX news, or the BBC, or both. It was endlessly drummed into the world’s head by FOX, BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, the NY Times, the Washington Post, National Geographic, Scientific American, mouthpieces from every major university, Hollywood, and I believe the academy award committee gave that Al Gore idiot an Oscar for his convenient lies. Or was is the thoroughly discredited Nobel prize committee, whose highest honor now carries about as much prestige as a victory on The Gong Show? He didn’t get an Oscar and a Nobel prize, did he? It wouldn’t surprise me, but again, it’s not as important that these organizations are also willing to perpetuate the lies, but by doing so, they expose themselves as part of the propaganda machine, and should therefore never be trusted again, because if I’m able to discern the truth, it’s ridiculous to believe that no one on the Nobel prize committee, or at any of the major news outlets is capable of doing so. These aren’t mistakes or oversights. It’s an intentional effort on the part of every major media outlet to deceive the American people, and they’ve done it successfully so many times there’s no limit to what they might do next.

If every student in a class gave the identical wrong answers on an essay test, wouldn’t the teacher be a fool not to suspect some sort of collaboration on the part of the students? Doesn’t it logically follow that if every media outlet, every university, and even the entertainment industry is capable of collaborating to perpetuate the same myth, we should not accept another of their lies telling us it was all an innocent mistake, but instead look for some common denominator between them that makes this kind of synchronized lying possible? Shouldn’t we question everything they’ve told us in the past and investigate their motives for lying? We would be fools not to.

It’s hard for me to find fault with anyone for their opinions or political views, because people can only form opinions and make decisions based on the information available to them, and there aren’t many people out there telling the truth.

A decade ago, I would read the NY Times and the Washington Post every day, and because I did this I believed I was thoroughly informed on politics and any other important events, but I now know there was no time in my life when I was more thoroughly deceived.

This sounds like a good introduction into an exploration of modern propaganda and social control techniques. Look for sequels and I’ll try to keep ‘em short.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flu Bug

Flu Bug

If you sell crack, join a gang, or rob the mob you can expect to die a violent death, but if you listen to your mother, eat all the right foods, and study hard in college to become a microbiologist, you should expect to live to a ripe old age and die peacefully.

That being the case, a few eyebrows were raised when five microbiologists either disappeared or died mysteriously violent deaths in 2001. A short time later the number rose to 19, and then 29.

They were found stabbed to death in the trunks of cars, thrown off bridges, or they wrapped their cars around trees after their brake fluid disappeared. Once again, this is the stuff of Hollywood spy stories, and not the way you would expect a microbiologist to give up the ghost.

By 2005, we lost 40 micro-biologists in less than 4 years, all under suspicious circumstances, and during this time someone discovered that they were all working for the government, or government contractors, on projects related to bio-terrorism, flu pandemics, or anthrax. Obviously they weren’t trying to find a cure for anything, or there would be no need to silence them.

Then it was discovered that our government was involved in strange experiments that involve exhuming bodies of people that were killed by the 1918 Spanish flu, and genetically engineered flu viruses, all the while the media is preparing the public with stories of bird flu wiping out thousands of chickens (acid test?) and even a few people here and there.

People who are becoming accustomed to the practices and motives of our criminal government tried to warn you of an impending flu pandemic, but your TV training taught you to dismiss them all as "crazy conspiracy theorists," and you naturally associated all their warnings with stories of Bigfoot and UFO abductions, just as you were trained to do.

The good folks of FEMA predicted a need for a few million plastic coffins, which are now spread out across the country, but despite this revelation, most of America still thinks their biggest concern is a toss up between the Super Bowl and American Idol.

Well it seems as if the crazy conspiracy theorists were right again, because the world-wide flu pandemic they were warning you about has been unleashed, and it will dominate the headlines until millions, if not billions of people are dead. It won’t be stopped because no one with the means to stop it wants to stop it.

Wash your hands often, pull your kids out of school, avoid crowds, if not people altogether, avoid alcohol or drugs that will weaken your resistance, and stay well-nourished.

Two of the goals here are to cull the population, and to encourage general mayhem and misery that only a World Government can save you from. You’ll be so worn out and tired of death and depression that you’ll offer little resistance to the new order. The economic collapse and World War three are part of the same plan, and it’s all been tried before. It’s the same crew behind this latest attempt, and it’s not difficult to see who’s behind it all, once again.

This flu pandemic that will soon cause people to drop like flies is no mutated bird flu. It’s a genetically engineered virus designed to kill as many people as possible. And after people do start dropping like flies, political dissidents will be accused of being flu carriers and no one will object to them being hauled away. Good luck. -- Jolly Roger

Here’s an interesting link:
if you start at the bottom of the page and work your way up you’ll see a nice collection of news articles that document the entire process of creating and testing a flu bug that will wipe out millions of people.
(or at least that part of the process that's revealed to the public)

Thanks to Lori Price of for compiling these articles


Sunday, April 12, 2009



Does anyone remember the details of my mass-murder bet? I believe I said there would be a mass shooting within three months (or was it four?), it would happen in a place where firearms were prohibited, the police would avoid doing anything until there was a large body count, the shooter would either be killed or kill himself when it was over, and that the weapon of choice would be a semi-automatic rifle.

There may have been a detail or two that I’ve overlooked, but the Binghamton shooting comes close enough to make my point, even if I wouldn’t have won any bets, and I think I have a month left anyway. The point I was trying to make, if I didn’t already explain it, is that these mass-shootings are predictable because they’re not random acts of violence, but intentionally staged events designed to sway public opinion regarding gun control legislation. We’ve had four of these incidents in the last two months, and it’s no coincidence that the Obama administration is planning to unleash the most stringent gun control legislation America has ever seen. And the time-line is somewhat telling here too. It’s important to remember here that the anti-gun troops were assembled, and the legislation was already written before the shootings took place. It’s after the shootings occur and are widely publicized that the politicians start screaming for “sensible gun controls” and just happen to have a law handy and ready to be rushed through congress.

I made the prediction based on my knowledge of the proposed gun control measures sought by the Obama administration, and the fact that these mass shootings seem to be the standard technique for kicking off a new gun control agenda. To support this claim, we’ll have to look at some statistical evidence concerning these shootings, demonstrate how these shootings coincide with a political agenda, and look at some of the evidentiary anomalies surrounding these events, and of course, explain how an event like this can be made to happen.

First of all we’ll need to look at some numbers, but I’ll make this quick. There are three hundred million people in the United States, and when you’re considering a group of people that large, many things can be expected to happen with some degree of regularity that would be impossible to predict in a group of a hundred, or even a thousand people. It’s very similar to rolling dice. If you roll a pair of dice once, you can never accurately predict what number will result, but if you could bet on rolling that same pair of dice 300 million times, you can bet the kid’s college fund that you’ll roll a seven about 50,010,000 times, or 16.67% of the time, give or take less than one percentage point, and you’ll double the college fund every time.

Why is this crap game silliness important? Because our pool of 300 million people is large enough to accurately tell us (within a few percentage points), how many people will die everyday, how many people will be born everyday, how many cars will crash in a year, and even how many people can be expected to flip their lids, or to state it less rudely, be diagnosed with one mental illness or another. Because a mass-shooting is a relatively rare event it becomes much more difficult to predict statistically, but because our pool is so large, (300 million), it can still be expected to occur with some degree of regularity, especially when you look at these events over a span of a few decades. Unfortunately, what we do see regarding these events is exactly the opposite of what we should expect to see.

These events began happening during the Clinton administration, and they were strangely confined to one profession. Every other month or so, a postal worker would appear at work with an “assault rifle” and use all his co-workers for target practice. It happened so often that the term “going postal” became a common way to describe anyone who was losing their temper, and these shootings, eventually resulted in the assault rifle ban, much to the satisfaction of the Sarah Brady bunch who were spearheading an extremely well funded “grass-roots” gun control campaign, which campaign had absolutely no support until the bullet-ridden bodies of the Columbine kids dominated the evening news for a month.

I guess there might be several social, economic or cultural reasons for a long string of assault rifle shootings beginning, but what’s most strange about these shootings is not that they occurred regularly, but that they suddenly came to a stop, for no discernable reason whatsoever.
After Bush pried his way into the White House the mass-shootings mysteriously ended, seemingly because they were no longer needed, because the Bush league had no interest in gun control. For some unexplainable reason, all of the postal workers became sane and friendly and the assault rifle shootings were history, even though the assault rifle ban had expired and they were readily available again.
The only way any of these mass-shootings would make the least bit of sense is if they were somehow carried out to gain popular support for a gun control agenda, and that’s the only way to explain how they started and stopped on que to coincide with a particular administration’s stance on gun control. If they happened six or eight times per year under Clinton, we should not have gone eight years without seeing it happen once, but that’s exactly what happened. The only exception to this rule would be the Vaginia Tech shootings, which happened during the very end of Bush’s unfortunate reign, possibly at the hands of members of the new regime already in congress.

Am I supposed to believe that after eight years without a mass-shooting it’s just a coincidence that they’ve returned to haunt us at a rate of two per month just as an administration comes to power that wants to pass drastic new gun control laws? The stopping and starting of these events to coincide with a particular administration’s views on gun control is too obvious, and the statistical anomaly of their occurrence makes it foolish to believe otherwise, but if I’m suggesting that these incidents are by design, I also have to explain how someone would go about causing this to occur.

As it happens, it’s not very difficult at all to create the Manchurian candidate needed to carry this out, especially if he happens to be taking anti-depressants. If a person has a prescription for these drugs, and is imbued with violent thoughts or fantasies by his own doing or with the help of a handler, he only needs to miss one dose of his medicine before he starts acting out his worst nightmares, or most violent fantasies. When the carnage is over, he’ll not be sure if it were a dream or if it really happened, and that’s why he never lives to explain why he did it. No one has ever witnessed one of these mass shooters take their own life, but that’s always the official account of the event.

I’m guessing that this began with postal workers because as Federal employees, their medical history (and any drugs they were taking) would have been readily available to those who would plan one of these events, but now that we’ve lost our medical privacy, a wider selection of people can be used for these operations.

And what makes these shootings even more suspect are the actions of law enforcement officials at the scene. At Columbine, Vaginia Tech and Binghamton we see that police never made any attempt to stop the killers for up to two hours after the carnage began. At Columbine and Vagina Tech we know the shooters were taking anti-depressants, but as long as we’re limited to the information provided by the mainstream media about these events, it’s easy to how and why that detail has been suppressed by the pharmaceutical companies in the more recent shootings. We’ve seen their ability to keep much bigger items out of the news on several occasions.

In the case of Columbine, there were many witnesses who claimed that there were more than just two shooters, and introduced into court was a tape recording which proved that local police had foreknowledge of the event. Of course, the court records of the Columbine shooting have been suspiciously sealed for decades, so many of the details which prove that this was a staged event are officially suppressed. You have to ask yourself why the courts would prevent the public from knowing the details of a school shooting, and the only answer is that there is much to hide. Columbine was a sloppy job because they were new at this, so the details that implicate people within our government must be kept hidden. I’ll provide links to interviews with some of the victims in which these things will be revealed by people who were at the scene, and have no motive to lie about what happened.

What’s actually happening here is that people within our government want to disarm the American people so they’ll be unable to resist continual abridgements of their freedom and further removal of their wealth. They’ll go about this by sickening you with images of dead children on television until you beg them to make all guns illegal. Many people may support gun controls, but it’s only people with a poor knowledge of history. In the 20th century alone, 120 million people were slaughtered by their own governments right after they were disarmed by “sensible” gun laws. Most recently, the people of England lost their right to own guns, and today English soldiers are being asked if they’d be willing to fire upon English protesters.

The government of the United States, or factions within it, has already demonstrated their willingness to slaughter their own citizens by the thousands based upon lies (Iraq), or to sway public opinion (9-11). The second amendment of our constitution isn’t is not about shooting deer or ducks during hunting season. It was written so we might defend ourselves from madmen similar to those who rule over us today. Don’t allow your right to bear arms to be infringed and it won’t be. Armed American citizens are the only hope for the preservation of freedom anywhere on the planet. After witnessing a decades-long assault on our freedom, you’d be a fool, and eventually a slave, if you were to allow any more gun controls to be enacted.

Yes, people have died, and more people will. Get used to it. The battle for our freedom will probably not remain limited to writing letters.
– Jolly Roger

“The most effectual means of preserving the peace, is to prepare for war.”
– George Washington


Interview with Columbine survivor, Chris Bollyn, and a Dr. Ann Tracy who specializes in serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (class of anti-depressants associated with extreme violence)

Dr. Tracy’s website:

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

News From Zion

News From Zion

I’m still hearing too many fools repeating the decades-old complaint about the mainstream media being silent on this issue or that issue as if they were expecting them to undergo some kind of miraculous transformation and actually start reporting the news.

“The mainstream media’s not doing their job”, is their usual announcement, as if this should surprise us.
The fact of the matter is that these complainers are wrong. The mainstream media is doing their job, and they’re doing it very well if you’re still expecting them to tell the truth. The problem is that you’ve been unaware of what their job is.

I guess you were expecting Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen to risk their lives to bring you the facts, when in reality, the job of the mainstream media has always been to obfuscate, twist, distort, conceal, and distract you from the news, while skillfully keeping you convinced that they were keeping you abreast of important issues.

Then you have the myriad collection of “news” papers and magazines which serve to support the lies by expanding on them with “in depth” corroboration of a story that was only a distraction from, or distortion of the truth to begin with. The real trick is that all of these “various corroborating sources” that have you convinced that black is white and up is down are, for all practical purposes, only one source of information. You see, every media outlet in America is owned by six corporations, and while that may sound like competition, on important issues it isn’t, because all of these corporations are controlled by six people with an identical political agenda. That political agenda happens to be Zionism. This is why every Arab you see in the movies is a screaming madman with an AK-47 in his hand, and every Jew you see is kind, gentile, and wise. If I’m wrong about this please tell me the name of the movie or TV show that portrays members of these groups differently than I’ve described. Yes, it’s only a movie, but a lifetime of these and other messages has left all of us with certain perceptions of many things that aren’t realistic. And this is also why many Americans have a twisted view of what’s happening in the Middle East.

Now please don’t blame “the Jews” for this because there are many righteous Jews who are on our side, and we don’t want to alienate any support. We also want to avoid the all too convenient “anti-Semite” label that’s used to silence any criticism of Zionist aggression. (it was probably very anti-Semitic of Rachel Corrie to get crushed by that Israeli bulldozer)

The real question here isn’t whether or not the mainstream media is doing their job, but rather “why the hell are you still staring into the television like a moron?” If you’re reading this you have internet access, and since that’s the case, there’s no legitimate reason for subjecting yourself to the nonsense and lies perpetuated by the idiot box.

I’ve seen too many videos from Gaza that look like a psychotic child was let loose in a doll factory, except for the fact that the scattered baby body parts were covered in blood, and were all too real. Just to make sure I was getting both sides of the story, I googled for Israeli casualties, and all I could find were eight dead IDF soldiers, and the story of an old bag and her two daughters being killed by a “Hamas rocket”, accompanied by the complaint that the news was biased and not reporting the horror of Israeli deaths. Oi Vey.

Let’s weigh the bias here. On the Israeli side we have three dead spinsters and a handful of soldiers who had no business in Palestine in the first place, and on the Palestinian side we have nine hundred dead and three thousand wounded, but all we hear about in the news is the terror of Hamas rockets, which amount to little more than toy fireworks when compared to an Israeli F-16 assault.
And knowing what I do about the Zionists’ ultra-violent history of deceptive warfare tactics (U.S.S. Liberty, The Lavon Affair, King David Hotel, 9-11, etc., etc.), my first guess would be that Israelis fired whatever ineffective rockets fell into Israel, just so they had an excuse to invade Gaza now that they’ve softened up the Palestinian people with a year of starvation, illness, and a lack of medical care.

Why would Hamas fire rockets into Israel? What could this impoverished and all-but-defenseless people hope to gain by provoking Israel, who has been looking for an excuse to wipe them out for 60 years? I think Israel is attacking Gaza because they finally gave up any hope of getting the Americans to do it for them.

If you’re still waiting for the truth to come out of the television you’re a fool. There’s no war in Gaza. What’s happening there is a systematic genocide that’s been portrayed as war in the media so it isn’t completely obvious that Zionist is the new Nazi. Oh. Wait a minute. Zionist was the old Nazi too, but that’s another story.