Saturday, August 4, 2012

If you hear something, do something

If you hear something, do something

I just read another article in the “alternative news” that was obviously, and blatantly written to dissuade Americans from fighting for their freedom, as if they had any choice in the matter. I dismissed it as just another Zionist shill doing all he can to see that the lambs go quietly off to slaughter, but then I worried that some confused people might see it as sound advice, rather than the knife-in-the-back that it actually is.
The article advised that Americans should “give up their guns when they’re told to”, because the government troops have this and that type of weapon or technology, and surely, anyone who resisted would be committing “suicide by cop” for no sensible reason.

The author can only be an idiot or a liar, but either way, he exposes his motives for writing the article by never mentioning the consequences of not fighting back, and he tries to scare his readers by describing all conflict as you being all alone in your house, and surrounded by a SWAT team. What would happen if your heavily-armed neighbors surrounded the SWAT team that was surrounding your house?

What the author seems to have forgotten is that Americans have been buying up about 5 million guns per month, and preparing for war for years. The overwhelming numbers make all of their technology and weaponry insignificant against an indigenous army that so exponentially outnumbers them that they could probably win the war with sling-shots. If taking our guns were so simple, it would have been done long ago. It’s being done now because our “elected officials” live in fear of their heads dropping into baskets, as it’s becoming anxiously obvious to all of them that Americans have discovered the truth.

They see the same polls revealing that the vast majority (80%) of Americans no longer believe the mainstream media, and the ratings proving that most people aren’t even tuning in to their propaganda machine anymore. We all know that when the wool comes off the eyes of America, a lot of politicians lives are in danger, and they know it too.

Well the blindfold has been lifted, so they damn well better try to disarm us, but unfortunately for them, all they can do is send bad writers to try and scare us, because in their arrogance, they have once again underestimated the American people, and they’re once again trying to close the barn door long after the horses are gone.

Being so completely out of touch with the American people has left them behind the curve on the internet, the alternative news, the truth movement, and this allowed them to forge ahead foolishly thinking they had everyone fooled, and now they’re behind the curve again with their gun control efforts, because no one was fooled by the Batman shooter except for those who choose to be fooled, and we’ve left them behind long ago anyway.

So now these wannabe-tyrants want to impose an ammo ban? Do they think that five million gun buyers per month forgot to get bullets? If half of them did forget it still wouldn’t matter. Keep your stinking bullets, Hillary. If I buy anymore ammo I’ll forget where half of it’s buried, and I plan on taking most of what I need from your boys anyway. For several years now guns and bullets have been disappearing into the hands of the American people as quickly as they can be manufactured, and this inbred idiot Chuck Schumer thinks everyone’s going to turn them in because he and a few of his Zionist buddies think it’s a good idea. I think Chuckie’s in for a bit of a surprise.

And what would happen if we did just turn in our guns peacefully? Do you think they would all just go away and leave you alone, or might they decide that gang-raping your daughter is a good way to reward the troops for completing another successful mission? What do cops get away with today, and how would those abuses worsen once we were completely defenseless? There are things worse than death, and they always seem to happen to the defenseless, and we’re dealing with a regime and their guard that apparently derives a lot of pleasure from their sadistic behavior, and usually rewards it too. I think I’d rather take a few of them with me than be starved or tortured in one of their prison camps.

If history repeats, as it often faithfully does, we can expect an attempt at the wholesale slaughter of the American people, so anyone suggesting that you give up your weapons is obviously not on your side. You are at war, or at least you’re being attacked, so you really need to start thinking along those lines. Be prepared to defend your neighbor, because you’ll need his help to defend yourself.

I don’t need any combat experience to imagine that a gun battle sounds a little bit different than target practice, so when I hear that happen in my area, I’ll prepare for battle, and head toward the noise, because it’s the only sensible thing to do. You certainly don’t want to be home, or unarmed when that happens, and while it’s happening, you’ll have your best shot at your enemy. They’re only going to kick down your door next, so grab the rifle and get the hell out of the house. When you get out into the street you’ll see other Patriots with rifles. Go and talk to them.

Those five million guns per month, and the ammo shortage, are all around you, in the hands of people who have been angry for a long time. Forget your political differences and concentrate on your common enemy, because you’ll need to stick together to survive, and be victorious.

The Patriot movement needs a catchy slogan to help combat terrorism too: “If you hear something, do something.”
But it can’t be just a slogan. It should be a promise to yourself, your country, and your children, that you’re going to do what’s necessary to preserve their chance at life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. It will also provide you with your best chance of survival.

Wherever you hear it get started, grab your gear and go to it. More of your neighbors will be there, and that’s how we’ll win.