Friday, November 27, 2009

an inconvenient truth cools warming heat

an inconvenient truth cools warming heat

Ever since the Watergate hotel burglary every government scandal is given a name ending in“gate,”and because this sickens me, I’ll not use the popular term to refer to the fact that everyone should now know once and for all that this global warming non-sense is complete and utter bullshit (as I told you many years ago), and anyone who doesn’t have an echo in their skull should also see the sinister motives behind it.

If you still don’t see these things, stop reading this and go back to your television because it’s too late for you. Your mind is permanently dulled and you’ll never be any help to anyone unless you throw yourself in front of a bullet to save someone who thinks. If your are starting to grasp the enormity of the lies, you are also beginning to see the television for what it is, and you may also despise it for the power it wields.

But it’s also possible that you have seen through the lies, and still overlooked the most important aspect of them. Whether it’s the weapons of mass destruction, global warming, 9-11, Oklahoma City, or any one of a number of hoaxes that have been perpetrated upon the American people by our government and media, it’s not as important to know that we were lied to concerning these events as it is to see the real lesson to be learned here, which is that every single media outlet in America is capable of collaborating to tell the same lie, and helping to weave the tangled web of lies that must follow.

You cannot pretend there is any trace of an “independent press” in this country when you see this happen, but it does provide proof that we have a very intricate and well-oiled propaganda machine that exists exactly where Americans think they’re receiving their most reliable, and credible information. Once these facts are established, and they have been once again, you must also realize that for a long time, they have had the ability to completely deceive the entire population about any number of events, partly because they are all “trusted and credible” sources of information, but mainly because the same lie is repeated by ALL sources of information.

In the case of the global warming hoax, I knew it was a hoax because I listened to about a dozen climatologists, meteorologists, and geologists explain why it was a hoax, and their explanations made a lot more sense than Al Gore’s asinine hockey stick. There’s no shortage of PhD’s who’ll explain why the global warming scare is laughable, but unfortunately, none of them will ever be explaining this on television, the radio, in any national publication, or local newspaper owned by any of the newspaper conglomerates, and this control of the media prevents any real dissenting opinion from ever being aired publically. They will always provide two opinions on every topic, but unfortunately, neither one of them will come close to the truth. They’ll just give people enough to argue about, but never what they need to know to affect any real change.

Americans assume that a TV station’s big bucks always buys the most qualified opinions on any topic, but what these big bucks actually pay for is the phoney opinion of someone who is willing to perpetuate the myth of the moment. If you give most people a few thousand dollars they’ll go on TV and shovel any kind of dung you ask them to, but if they want to tell the truth, they can’t buy a minute of air time for ten million bucks.

The global warming scam wasn’t brought to us by FOX news, or the BBC, or both. It was endlessly drummed into the world’s head by FOX, BBC, NBC, CBS, ABC, the NY Times, the Washington Post, National Geographic, Scientific American, mouthpieces from every major university, Hollywood, and I believe the academy award committee gave that Al Gore idiot an Oscar for his convenient lies. Or was is the thoroughly discredited Nobel prize committee, whose highest honor now carries about as much prestige as a victory on The Gong Show? He didn’t get an Oscar and a Nobel prize, did he? It wouldn’t surprise me, but again, it’s not as important that these organizations are also willing to perpetuate the lies, but by doing so, they expose themselves as part of the propaganda machine, and should therefore never be trusted again, because if I’m able to discern the truth, it’s ridiculous to believe that no one on the Nobel prize committee, or at any of the major news outlets is capable of doing so. These aren’t mistakes or oversights. It’s an intentional effort on the part of every major media outlet to deceive the American people, and they’ve done it successfully so many times there’s no limit to what they might do next.

If every student in a class gave the identical wrong answers on an essay test, wouldn’t the teacher be a fool not to suspect some sort of collaboration on the part of the students? Doesn’t it logically follow that if every media outlet, every university, and even the entertainment industry is capable of collaborating to perpetuate the same myth, we should not accept another of their lies telling us it was all an innocent mistake, but instead look for some common denominator between them that makes this kind of synchronized lying possible? Shouldn’t we question everything they’ve told us in the past and investigate their motives for lying? We would be fools not to.

It’s hard for me to find fault with anyone for their opinions or political views, because people can only form opinions and make decisions based on the information available to them, and there aren’t many people out there telling the truth.

A decade ago, I would read the NY Times and the Washington Post every day, and because I did this I believed I was thoroughly informed on politics and any other important events, but I now know there was no time in my life when I was more thoroughly deceived.

This sounds like a good introduction into an exploration of modern propaganda and social control techniques. Look for sequels and I’ll try to keep ‘em short.