Saturday, January 9, 2010

Propaganda 1

Propaganda 1

Okay. Let’s begin having a look at some modern propaganda techniques.

On two separate occasions, someone mentioned something to me about terrorism, or the war on terror, and I responded by asking "you do know that there is indisputable scientific evidence that proves beyond any doubt that the Twin Towers were demolished with explosives, right?" For me, any discussion of terrorism has to begin with the understanding of what actually happened on 9-11, rather than what we were told to believe.

On both occasions, the person I was talking to responded by saying "I heard that the president of Mexico saw a UFO."

The first time this happened, I shook my head and thought to myself "what the hell is this girl thinking? Maybe the president of Mexico sniffs glue and sees all kinds of things, but what does one thing have to do with the other? How did she make the jump from 9-11 to Mexican UFO’s without a sentence between the two subjects?

The second time it happened I thought to myself "Holy shit. This is a conditioned response." Somehow, the herd has been taught to immediately make an association with UFO’s, Bigfoot, or the ghost of Elvis whenever someone talks to them about crimes committed by people within our government. This is incredibly convenient for a government comprised of crooks and perverts, but how did they accomplish this?

If you take a look at a typical "conspiracy website", you’ll see all kinds of revelations about the 9-11 attacks, the FEMA concentration camps, and possibly the latest information on that shadowy and elusive group known only as "The New World Order," and you’ll also see the latest crop circle designs, the most recent UFO photos, the image of Christ in an ice cube, a first-hand account from the man who wrestled Bigfoot, the true location of the sunken city of Atlantis, and all manner of non-sense designed to make any important information appear ridiculous by this association.

The Daily Globe is one of two newspapers I’m aware of that exists for this same purpose. This is one of the thin papers that usually sports a headline involving 800-pound Siamese twins suing each other for and against surgical separation, or the poor man whose wife was mysteriously transformed into a hammer-head shark. Because everyone knows that these newspapers epitomize incredulity, they’re the perfect place to print any information that needs to be immediately discredited. "ALIEN ABDUCTEE SAYS U.S. GOV’T BEHIND 9-11 ATTACKS" would be a probable headline.

See how this works? You don’t have to buy the paper. Nobody does. A few copies are prominently displayed near every supermarket checkout line, and this is what people remember when someone tries to warn them that the government of this nation has gotten completely out of control. Their mind makes an association between the important information, and the ridiculous information, and they feel confident that it’s nothing they need to worry about, but they may carry on the silly conversation about UFO’s and stuff just to be polite. Silently they’re convinced that because you tried to warn them about their criminal government, you must also spend your nights on the roof searching the skies for E.T.

There’s also no shortage of TV and movie characters who openly insist that our government is involved in all kinds of heinous activity, but every last one of them is a lunatic. Cosmo Kramer is a recent example. He promotes alternative medicine, doesn’t trust the government, and besides that, he’s completely off the wall. Not the type of lunatic you would fear, but he’s definitely not someone you would look to for reliable information, or even sane discourse. Look closely at every TV character who questions or mistrusts the government, and you will see that this behavior is linked with one abnormal personality after another. The sub-conscious lesson here is that anyone who questions the government or suggests they may be involved in any crime has an abnormal personality, so you can quickly dismiss everything he has to say. Through decades of repetition of these messages, you’ve been taught to ignore any criminality on the part of anyone in our government, and anyone who might make such an accusation. While you were being so trained, you were robbed of your wealth and freedom.

There are people commonly referred to as "conspiracy theorists". In reality, absolutely no one hangs around theorizing about conspiracies, but this label is applied to anyone who feels a civic duty to warn other Americans of criminal activity within their government. The "conspiracy theorist" is a character that only exists on television and in movies, and this character, who is always a lunatic, was created for you to make an association with when someone tries to warn you about government crimes. The result is that when someone tries to explain to you that your own government is doing all it can to either kill or enslave you, he may as well be crying to you about his wife turning into a shark during his most recent UFO abduction, regardless of any proof he has.

For most Americans, the people on TV have replaced their normal human society, and the exchange of ideas they would have once had with neighbors and others in their community is now fed to them via the almighty tube. They are fed two sides of a debate, allowed to choose between them, and this choice allows them to feel a bond with other people of one opinion or the other, and lets them feel like they’re wise enough to have an opinion in the matter, and free enough to express it. The reality here is that neither side of the debate ever contains the entire truth of the matter, but just enough information, or misinformation, to make them feel they’re informed, and give them something to enter a futile debate with, if they did actually talk to their neighbor. Political correctness silenced the rest of them by teaching a reluctance to saying or hearing anything controversial or possibly disturbing.

What Americans are shown on TV are allegedly the products of various independent broadcasting companies who compete for viewers who will supposedly watch the commercial messages that are injected into the entertainment, but if this is the case, why the incredible similarity between the allegedly competing companies? Wouldn’t you think that eventually one network or Hollywood studio might experiment with a sane and respectable character who doesn’t trust the government?

Are there any other typified characters that exist on all networks? As it happens, there are many. Just to name a few; every father is an idiot, as is every private citizen who owns a firearm, every mother is an over-worked and under-appreciated slave, everyone who works for the government is a hero who endlessly risks his life for your protection, and everyone who sells drugs is black or hispanic. Every Arab is a screaming madman, and every Jew is kind, gentle and wise. Every homosexual is moral, kind, and intelligent, and everyone who lives in a rural area of the country is an idiot. I don’t need to go on. You can probably name a few of your own, but the important point here is that the same personality traits transcend all characters on all networks. This is obviously no accident.
If we can see common themes and messages that are being foisted upon the public by all networks, it proves that either there is no real competition between them and they all share a common political goal, or that all of their programing is being influenced or dictated by an outside entity, or both. Nothing else can explain the incredible similarity of stereotyped personality traits in all these fictional characters.

Now the next logical step would be to recognize and list as many of these common themes as possible, and see if they all serve a particular political agenda. Just by skimming the surface we see an effort to thwart private gun ownership, discourage masculinity, encourage homosexuality, promote women to "head of household" status, and foster hatred against all Arabs. Then there are the constant attacks on that "antiquated document" known as the Bill of Rights, which permeate every episode of "Law and Order" and "CSI" ** (if not for that silly forth amendment, all those mangled children would be alive, kind of thing).

Whose interests does this propaganda serve? Who benefits by trying to shape public opinion in this direction? Certainly not the TV viewer, because as well see in the next episode of our action-packed adventure through main-stream media propaganda, the TV viewer’s been taught to work against his own self-interests.

"The C.I.A. owns everyone of any significance in the major media."
---- William Colby, former Director of the CIA

"History is a collection of lies that are no longer being disputed." — Napoleon Bonaparte

** first-hand info here – I was subjected to a lot of TV when I was trapped in a motel for six months, otherwise I haven’t allowed the evil device into my home for more than 25 years.


  1. Why doesn't Roger clearly say that it is the jews who own everything?

    See the video:
    and learn how it is possible for a few to own of the world's wealth leaving the rest as real slaves.

  2. I've known several Jewish people in my life and they didn't own all that much.. And I should add that they were fairly ethical people..

  3. I didn't clearly state that "the Jews own everything" because they don't, and blaming "the Jews" for our problems is exactly what the enemy would like to see us do, so we can be immediately discredited as anti-semites, racists, bigots, etc. etc.

    Yes, almost every media outlet is Jewish-owned, but our problems are caused by a relatively small network of criminal zionists, and I doubt that most Jews have any involement at all, if they're even aware of it.

    Furthermore, by blaming "the Jews", you're alienating a lot of potential supporters, because the most ardent anti-zionists happen to be orthodox Jews (see

    Please remember that "the Jews" are not one cohesive group, but rather there is a deep rift between the zionists and the Torah-observant Jews that we need to take advantage of. Most Americans are very reluctant to discuss this topic at all because they've been fed Jewish victimization tales for their entire lives, so it's very important to have Jews on our side to help spread the truth about zionism.

    Remember that zionists are behind most acts of anti-semitism, because they need anti-semitism to justify their political goals of providing a "safe-haven" for Jews in Israel, even though the truth of the matter is that the whole nation exists as a base of operations for the criminal zionists and their goals of world domination.

    I too have many Jewish friends, and even Jewish relatives, and I can assure you that they are not involved in any criminal, or even immoral activity. Blaming "the Jews" is a big mistake that our adversaries would love to see us make, because it would cost us the hard-won credibility we've worked for.

    It is also true that Jewish culture allows for many innocent and unknowing Jews to be manipulated into supporting zionism, but we didn't attack the people who believed 19 Arabs carried out 9-11, we educated them, and that was the right thing to do, because we gained support that way instead of losing it, which is exactly what would have happened if we responded with mob-mentality and personal attacks.

  4. HAHAHA! Jolly Rodger the kindly Jew! :D

    Boy-O-boy did DBS drop the ball on this one...providing a link to a Jew disinformation blog!

  5. I would post something longer or more elequant, however the keyboard arrow keys not working and other odd behaviour on this page prevents me from doing so.

    So-called 'Torah-observant' Jews are a distraction. Have you read real translations of the Torah? I suggest reading Controversy of Zion by the late Douglas Reed for some idea of what is really in the Torah. The versions used by Gentiles are watered-down, much as the 'bookstore' versions of the Talmud.

    "many innocent and unknowing Jews to be manipulated.."

    Again, here is the hallmark jewish trait: the victim card. Neither Gentiles nor Jews are victims in any of this escapade. We are responsible for our own lot in life. When I see the evidence here of the softening of the Gentile mind based on absorbtion of false principals and a false history, the formerly 'Gentile mind' becomes a jewy mind; subservient to that 'head of the snake' as detailed on the pages of the Protocols.

    While this was a generally well-written article, trying to place the blame or focus on 'those jews over there', the zionists, or 'a small group of jews', or any variation what-so-ever, is a cheap ploy to distract attention away from the truth that **all jews are 100% responsible for the behaviour of any other jew**, that is, they are 100% able to respond and call out a separate member of their 'club' for criminal activity, but the majority do not. Sadly many Gentiles have made the same poor choice.

    And whomsoever fails to call out or make a motion identifying the criminal, and indeed shelters them, is as culpable as the criminal that committed the act. The same principals have existed in Gentile culture. Now that the Gentiles become more Jewy day by day, year by year, and decade by decade, this virtuous behaviour is being slowly forgotten for the asset it is.

    I hear and see, a lot of silence.

  6. i agree with roger's statement above. i think its dangerous to go on with this 'the jews' shit. its hurting us, and our movement. so i wish you would stop with it.
    it isnt 'all jews'. it is a group of 'so called jews'. his answer to the comment above was sufficient i believe.

    ppl who go on about 'the jews', need to stop discrediting this movement. your hurting us, and your turning ppl away from us. i have to wonder if this is done on purpose. i have to question if it is you, who is the 'jew' around here. not roger.

  7. "Torah observing jews", hah, what a joke. A jew isn't a jew if he's a "torah observing jew" Daryl, so shut the fuck up already crypto, as if we don't see right through you.

  8. @ Byrd: What movement are you referring to? The name of it I mean.

  9. HAHA...the world is waking up to these satanic Jews....your days are getting fewer and fewer...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  10. I agree that if we just "blame the Jews" it plays right into their hands. Keep in mind, ANYONE that helps to bring down our society is guilty.. I think they want us to "blame the Jews" and chase that ghost while they get away with murder.. It may be the Jews at the top (or mostly) but I think we should be holding everyone responsible for their part.

  11. The jews are the conduit of this evil by virtue of their centuries of self indoctrination, they are all interested in the rapture endgame where the only goy left alive are their slaves.

    It *IS* the Jews as they are the conduit. Get it?

  12. Maybe so.. I simply do not find that approach fruitful at this stage of the game. It's a good way to get yourself marginalized. Why can't we play their game and give them the rope to hang themselves with? There is more than one way to skin a cat..

  13. It's the Jews, stupid!

  14. hanging zionist traitors is not anti-semitic! got rope?

  15. Please note that "Jolly Rogers" did not respond to the excellent post of "Horalius".( January 10, 2010, 2:38 PM )

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  21. @ an... i also totally agree you for I agree that if we just "blame the Jews" it plays right into their hands. Keep in mind, ANYONE that helps to bring down our MBT Schuhe society is guilty.. I think they want us to "blame the Jews" and chase that ghost while they get away with murder.. It may be the Jews at the top (or mostly) but I think we should be holdingair max schuhe everyone responsible for their part.

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  25. Please remember that "the Jews" are not one cohesive group, but rather there is a deep rift between the zionists and the Torah-observant Jews that we need to take advantage of. Most Americans are very reluctant to discuss this topic at all because they've been fed Jewish victimization tales for their entire lives, so it's very important to have Jews on our side to help spread the truth about zionism.

  26. See how this works? You don’t have to buy the paper. Nobody does. A few copies are prominently displayed near every supermarket checkout line, and this is what people remember when someone tries to warn them that the government of this nation has gotten completely out of control.

  27. The Daily Globe is one of two newspapers I’m aware of that exists for this same purpose. This is one of the thin papers that usually sports a headline involving 800-pound Siamese twins suing each other for and against surgical separation, or the poor man whose wife was mysteriously transformed into a hammer-head shark.

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