Tuesday, January 13, 2009

News From Zion

News From Zion

I’m still hearing too many fools repeating the decades-old complaint about the mainstream media being silent on this issue or that issue as if they were expecting them to undergo some kind of miraculous transformation and actually start reporting the news.

“The mainstream media’s not doing their job”, is their usual announcement, as if this should surprise us.
The fact of the matter is that these complainers are wrong. The mainstream media is doing their job, and they’re doing it very well if you’re still expecting them to tell the truth. The problem is that you’ve been unaware of what their job is.

I guess you were expecting Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen to risk their lives to bring you the facts, when in reality, the job of the mainstream media has always been to obfuscate, twist, distort, conceal, and distract you from the news, while skillfully keeping you convinced that they were keeping you abreast of important issues.

Then you have the myriad collection of “news” papers and magazines which serve to support the lies by expanding on them with “in depth” corroboration of a story that was only a distraction from, or distortion of the truth to begin with. The real trick is that all of these “various corroborating sources” that have you convinced that black is white and up is down are, for all practical purposes, only one source of information. You see, every media outlet in America is owned by six corporations, and while that may sound like competition, on important issues it isn’t, because all of these corporations are controlled by six people with an identical political agenda. That political agenda happens to be Zionism. This is why every Arab you see in the movies is a screaming madman with an AK-47 in his hand, and every Jew you see is kind, gentile, and wise. If I’m wrong about this please tell me the name of the movie or TV show that portrays members of these groups differently than I’ve described. Yes, it’s only a movie, but a lifetime of these and other messages has left all of us with certain perceptions of many things that aren’t realistic. And this is also why many Americans have a twisted view of what’s happening in the Middle East.

Now please don’t blame “the Jews” for this because there are many righteous Jews who are on our side, and we don’t want to alienate any support. We also want to avoid the all too convenient “anti-Semite” label that’s used to silence any criticism of Zionist aggression. (it was probably very anti-Semitic of Rachel Corrie to get crushed by that Israeli bulldozer)

The real question here isn’t whether or not the mainstream media is doing their job, but rather “why the hell are you still staring into the television like a moron?” If you’re reading this you have internet access, and since that’s the case, there’s no legitimate reason for subjecting yourself to the nonsense and lies perpetuated by the idiot box.

I’ve seen too many videos from Gaza that look like a psychotic child was let loose in a doll factory, except for the fact that the scattered baby body parts were covered in blood, and were all too real. Just to make sure I was getting both sides of the story, I googled for Israeli casualties, and all I could find were eight dead IDF soldiers, and the story of an old bag and her two daughters being killed by a “Hamas rocket”, accompanied by the complaint that the news was biased and not reporting the horror of Israeli deaths. Oi Vey.

Let’s weigh the bias here. On the Israeli side we have three dead spinsters and a handful of soldiers who had no business in Palestine in the first place, and on the Palestinian side we have nine hundred dead and three thousand wounded, but all we hear about in the news is the terror of Hamas rockets, which amount to little more than toy fireworks when compared to an Israeli F-16 assault.
And knowing what I do about the Zionists’ ultra-violent history of deceptive warfare tactics (U.S.S. Liberty, The Lavon Affair, King David Hotel, 9-11, etc., etc.), my first guess would be that Israelis fired whatever ineffective rockets fell into Israel, just so they had an excuse to invade Gaza now that they’ve softened up the Palestinian people with a year of starvation, illness, and a lack of medical care.

Why would Hamas fire rockets into Israel? What could this impoverished and all-but-defenseless people hope to gain by provoking Israel, who has been looking for an excuse to wipe them out for 60 years? I think Israel is attacking Gaza because they finally gave up any hope of getting the Americans to do it for them.

If you’re still waiting for the truth to come out of the television you’re a fool. There’s no war in Gaza. What’s happening there is a systematic genocide that’s been portrayed as war in the media so it isn’t completely obvious that Zionist is the new Nazi. Oh. Wait a minute. Zionist was the old Nazi too, but that’s another story.


  1. Very good piece as usualy Jolly. I don't even subscribe to cable or any other.. I just watch what is on the airwaves, or use the internet. I know it's all a slant from AIPAC.

  2. Good piece here as usual. I don't bother with cable or the big news sources. I'd rather just read what other people are writing.

  3. Congratulations on your initial blog post JR. I honestly don't have much interest in the Israel Palestine thing and I think that most Americans don't either in spite of all the media attention, spin and all. My entire knowledge of the history of the conflict is all gleaned through hear say and so I usually don't comment on it do to fear of being very wrong about something or other. What is worse is that I expect that most American citizens know less than I do. That said. I consider myself to be conservative and I tend to sympathize with Israel because I am an American citizen of European background I get a sense that the entire Islamic world looks at Israel as a western or European colonization. This is the true source of their hatred. This being the case, why should the west tolerate floods of immigrants from the Middle East when they would never tolerate western immigration there? If Israel wanted to commit genocide against its aggressors I'm sure they could come up with all sorts of tactics that would send the Palestinians back to Jordan.
    If Israel does not have a right to exist then maybe the United States is also illegitimate too. It helps to have a just reason to conquer another nation but it never has been necessary. I don’t think that there is any one Middle Eastern country that is capable of conquering the United States other than some bellicose ranting from the odd Imam. However over time Islam could subvert American culture from within. I am still surprised that American Racist groups have not discovered that Islam would allow them to protect their race through arranged marriages. And since they seem to be granting sharia law (I doubt I spelled that correctly.) legitimacy. That is, that seems to be what is heading this way with cases I occasionally hear in the media mostly from the UK where Judges are allowing Muslims to govern themselves under sharia and submit their sovereignty to Islam. I expect at some point a grass roots American conversion to Islam that will be a juggernaut. I think the reason we have not seen terrorism on American soil since 9/11 is that Muslims know this and the only thing that can slow down the Islamization of the United States is to stop Immigration of Muslims, that is the last thing that they want and to send terrorists targets in the US would only stop the immigration before they become a very large demographic which is their real goal. It is then they will start to assert themselves and claim all sorts of injustices against them.
    If President Bush wanted to protect the people of the United States post 9/11 from terrorism and being colonized by Muslims he would have fought to close the boarders and at least imposed some kind of moratorium on immigration from the Islamic world, and from Mexico which is a hostile act against the working and lower classes of United States Citizens. At a time when the country has had its industry being exported to Asia and Mexico (most of what used to be American Big Trucks are now manufactured in Mexico) (hencho en Mexico).
    All of this is going on against the will of American citizens who are never told what is really going on Television. Recently I heard some clamor over the fact that substantial portions of the American public are not ready for the digital TV conversion. They are in a panic because if this large a group of people stop watching television stop watching television the spell could be broken. This scares the shit out of them because the TV’s hypnotic spell broken. Who knows what they will do, maybe take up some more productive use of their time like reading a local newspaper or spending time online. Maybe they won’t come back this has caused a panic and they want federal funds to pay for converter boxes…now that’s Orwellian!

  4. hit me up man i'm working on something newish.
    and you've got an imposter on facebook.

  5. this is bull. 100%. Its pretty clear that your view is HIGHLY partisan. You're seeing what your socially-right oriented self wants to see. I don't buy it.

  6. Look, if the Palestinian Authority is stupid enough to shoot their fireworks into Israel, they are too stupid to run a country. If you attack a place you must expect retaliation. Israel isn't going away.

  7. The 'swine flu' is manufactured, it would seem. The earthquake in Mexico probably wasnt a coincidence. The microbiologists targeted is very telling- these are the people that would notice, trends and changes in supposed reandom diseases, where black ops are doing Something presently. This is, I agree, some kind of beta, weather balloon test to gauge an epidemic martial law undertaking where they claim to have a vaccine. Maybe if we all pretend to be really scared, they will rush and spew the goo in an obviously fake manner. They are trying to take advantage of the financial sector which is recoiling from a similer virus they planted...

  8. I guess these microbiologists are really being offed-- hard to think it could be done without notice... but then what i know about people who study microbiology and become them are they are exceptionally trusting and also myopic thinking souls, and are not exactly ninjas. i wonder if there is any awareness being spread among microbiologists about the sizable thinning of their herd. Most scientists are there to engrain the edicts of specific strains of propaganda and diffuse academic inquiry. There must be something attracting widespread scrutiny among microbiologists. Has anyone checked in with the molecular physicists these days?

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