Sunday, April 12, 2009



Does anyone remember the details of my mass-murder bet? I believe I said there would be a mass shooting within three months (or was it four?), it would happen in a place where firearms were prohibited, the police would avoid doing anything until there was a large body count, the shooter would either be killed or kill himself when it was over, and that the weapon of choice would be a semi-automatic rifle.

There may have been a detail or two that I’ve overlooked, but the Binghamton shooting comes close enough to make my point, even if I wouldn’t have won any bets, and I think I have a month left anyway. The point I was trying to make, if I didn’t already explain it, is that these mass-shootings are predictable because they’re not random acts of violence, but intentionally staged events designed to sway public opinion regarding gun control legislation. We’ve had four of these incidents in the last two months, and it’s no coincidence that the Obama administration is planning to unleash the most stringent gun control legislation America has ever seen. And the time-line is somewhat telling here too. It’s important to remember here that the anti-gun troops were assembled, and the legislation was already written before the shootings took place. It’s after the shootings occur and are widely publicized that the politicians start screaming for “sensible gun controls” and just happen to have a law handy and ready to be rushed through congress.

I made the prediction based on my knowledge of the proposed gun control measures sought by the Obama administration, and the fact that these mass shootings seem to be the standard technique for kicking off a new gun control agenda. To support this claim, we’ll have to look at some statistical evidence concerning these shootings, demonstrate how these shootings coincide with a political agenda, and look at some of the evidentiary anomalies surrounding these events, and of course, explain how an event like this can be made to happen.

First of all we’ll need to look at some numbers, but I’ll make this quick. There are three hundred million people in the United States, and when you’re considering a group of people that large, many things can be expected to happen with some degree of regularity that would be impossible to predict in a group of a hundred, or even a thousand people. It’s very similar to rolling dice. If you roll a pair of dice once, you can never accurately predict what number will result, but if you could bet on rolling that same pair of dice 300 million times, you can bet the kid’s college fund that you’ll roll a seven about 50,010,000 times, or 16.67% of the time, give or take less than one percentage point, and you’ll double the college fund every time.

Why is this crap game silliness important? Because our pool of 300 million people is large enough to accurately tell us (within a few percentage points), how many people will die everyday, how many people will be born everyday, how many cars will crash in a year, and even how many people can be expected to flip their lids, or to state it less rudely, be diagnosed with one mental illness or another. Because a mass-shooting is a relatively rare event it becomes much more difficult to predict statistically, but because our pool is so large, (300 million), it can still be expected to occur with some degree of regularity, especially when you look at these events over a span of a few decades. Unfortunately, what we do see regarding these events is exactly the opposite of what we should expect to see.

These events began happening during the Clinton administration, and they were strangely confined to one profession. Every other month or so, a postal worker would appear at work with an “assault rifle” and use all his co-workers for target practice. It happened so often that the term “going postal” became a common way to describe anyone who was losing their temper, and these shootings, eventually resulted in the assault rifle ban, much to the satisfaction of the Sarah Brady bunch who were spearheading an extremely well funded “grass-roots” gun control campaign, which campaign had absolutely no support until the bullet-ridden bodies of the Columbine kids dominated the evening news for a month.

I guess there might be several social, economic or cultural reasons for a long string of assault rifle shootings beginning, but what’s most strange about these shootings is not that they occurred regularly, but that they suddenly came to a stop, for no discernable reason whatsoever.
After Bush pried his way into the White House the mass-shootings mysteriously ended, seemingly because they were no longer needed, because the Bush league had no interest in gun control. For some unexplainable reason, all of the postal workers became sane and friendly and the assault rifle shootings were history, even though the assault rifle ban had expired and they were readily available again.
The only way any of these mass-shootings would make the least bit of sense is if they were somehow carried out to gain popular support for a gun control agenda, and that’s the only way to explain how they started and stopped on que to coincide with a particular administration’s stance on gun control. If they happened six or eight times per year under Clinton, we should not have gone eight years without seeing it happen once, but that’s exactly what happened. The only exception to this rule would be the Vaginia Tech shootings, which happened during the very end of Bush’s unfortunate reign, possibly at the hands of members of the new regime already in congress.

Am I supposed to believe that after eight years without a mass-shooting it’s just a coincidence that they’ve returned to haunt us at a rate of two per month just as an administration comes to power that wants to pass drastic new gun control laws? The stopping and starting of these events to coincide with a particular administration’s views on gun control is too obvious, and the statistical anomaly of their occurrence makes it foolish to believe otherwise, but if I’m suggesting that these incidents are by design, I also have to explain how someone would go about causing this to occur.

As it happens, it’s not very difficult at all to create the Manchurian candidate needed to carry this out, especially if he happens to be taking anti-depressants. If a person has a prescription for these drugs, and is imbued with violent thoughts or fantasies by his own doing or with the help of a handler, he only needs to miss one dose of his medicine before he starts acting out his worst nightmares, or most violent fantasies. When the carnage is over, he’ll not be sure if it were a dream or if it really happened, and that’s why he never lives to explain why he did it. No one has ever witnessed one of these mass shooters take their own life, but that’s always the official account of the event.

I’m guessing that this began with postal workers because as Federal employees, their medical history (and any drugs they were taking) would have been readily available to those who would plan one of these events, but now that we’ve lost our medical privacy, a wider selection of people can be used for these operations.

And what makes these shootings even more suspect are the actions of law enforcement officials at the scene. At Columbine, Vaginia Tech and Binghamton we see that police never made any attempt to stop the killers for up to two hours after the carnage began. At Columbine and Vagina Tech we know the shooters were taking anti-depressants, but as long as we’re limited to the information provided by the mainstream media about these events, it’s easy to how and why that detail has been suppressed by the pharmaceutical companies in the more recent shootings. We’ve seen their ability to keep much bigger items out of the news on several occasions.

In the case of Columbine, there were many witnesses who claimed that there were more than just two shooters, and introduced into court was a tape recording which proved that local police had foreknowledge of the event. Of course, the court records of the Columbine shooting have been suspiciously sealed for decades, so many of the details which prove that this was a staged event are officially suppressed. You have to ask yourself why the courts would prevent the public from knowing the details of a school shooting, and the only answer is that there is much to hide. Columbine was a sloppy job because they were new at this, so the details that implicate people within our government must be kept hidden. I’ll provide links to interviews with some of the victims in which these things will be revealed by people who were at the scene, and have no motive to lie about what happened.

What’s actually happening here is that people within our government want to disarm the American people so they’ll be unable to resist continual abridgements of their freedom and further removal of their wealth. They’ll go about this by sickening you with images of dead children on television until you beg them to make all guns illegal. Many people may support gun controls, but it’s only people with a poor knowledge of history. In the 20th century alone, 120 million people were slaughtered by their own governments right after they were disarmed by “sensible” gun laws. Most recently, the people of England lost their right to own guns, and today English soldiers are being asked if they’d be willing to fire upon English protesters.

The government of the United States, or factions within it, has already demonstrated their willingness to slaughter their own citizens by the thousands based upon lies (Iraq), or to sway public opinion (9-11). The second amendment of our constitution isn’t is not about shooting deer or ducks during hunting season. It was written so we might defend ourselves from madmen similar to those who rule over us today. Don’t allow your right to bear arms to be infringed and it won’t be. Armed American citizens are the only hope for the preservation of freedom anywhere on the planet. After witnessing a decades-long assault on our freedom, you’d be a fool, and eventually a slave, if you were to allow any more gun controls to be enacted.

Yes, people have died, and more people will. Get used to it. The battle for our freedom will probably not remain limited to writing letters.
– Jolly Roger

“The most effectual means of preserving the peace, is to prepare for war.”
– George Washington


Interview with Columbine survivor, Chris Bollyn, and a Dr. Ann Tracy who specializes in serotonin re-uptake inhibitors (class of anti-depressants associated with extreme violence)

Dr. Tracy’s website:


  1. this is bull. 100%. Its pretty clear that your view is HIGHLY partisan. You're seeing what your socially-right oriented self wants to see. I don't buy it.

  2. I´m sorry, but I do have to agree with the Anonymous before. And I can tell you why:

    Look at this:

    If you can tell the Clinton years from the Bush years from these figures, you´re either an idiot or a statistical genious. The fact is you Americans have been brainwashed to the degree that the only sensible solution you have availalbe to any problem is to sway a couple of guns around, from a personal depression to an international crisis. Guns don´t kill people, but stupid morons carrying around guns do.

  3. I'm a liberal and, until the disastrous presidency of W., I was also a supporter of gun control. After W., I began to really understand the meaning of the 2nd amendment. We're meant to keep guns to protect us from the government, not common criminals. Although, these days they are pretty much one and the same ...

    My only disagreement would be that Republican politicians actually oppose gun control. They have to play to their constituents and PRETEND to oppose it, but while they are okay with token gun ownership, they don't want the people to have weapons that could effectively fight gov't forces either.

    The Dems are the same way on other issues. The Iraq war is a prime example. They ran in '06 on getting out of Iraq and when they gained control of Congress, they did absolutely NOTHING. I don't think they were expecting to actually take control b/c they panicked when they thought they'd have to actually go against their masters and stop the war.

    People need to move beyond left/right. Those labels are meaningless and are just a divide and conquer strategy. I fell for it for a long time until the Dems disabused me of that illusion in '06.

    Bush may not have pushed gun control, but 9/11 happened on his watch and has done more to make us slaves than any gun control measure. The Dems and Repubs are both working for the same team. The "hot button" issues are just the theater to keep us distracted so we don't see the men behind the curtains.

    Obama has been a disappointment, but it wasn't a total surprise. What has really been disappointing is watching liberals bend over backwards to try to protect "their" candidate -- as if we didn't just witness 8 years of Republican voters making every excuse imaginable for W. I wish they would pull their heads out of their #@* and realize that, Dem or not, if Obama isn't doing what he promised and what this country needs -- we need to rail against him just as much as we did W. The only loyalty I have is to the Constitution. $%@# the Dems and Repubs. I don't owe them anything.

  4. The police in the Binghamton shooting waited outside for nearly ONE HOUR before going in the building.
    Why? To make sure it was safe for the police to enter. WTF?

    These are the clowns that are getting paid to "serve and protect" Americans?

    Forget it, you're on your own.

    The White House is a role model for millions. A White House that uses force as its primary tool of diplomacy in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, just like we used that tool in South and Central America for decades.

    So when someone emulates the White House means of interaction, why do they act so surprised and shocked?

    The only loyalty I have is to the Constitution. $%@# the Dems and Repubs. I don't owe them anything.

    Amen to that! The Constitution is the nation, without that precious document, there would not be a USA.

  5. I'm happy to see other people stating the truth like this well written piece. I've mentioned it too.
    The only way to stop them from carrying out more atrocities is to wake up about them. Fortunately a lot of people are responding to this new wave of mass murders in exactly the opposite way the elites wanted.

  6. To anonymous #1:
    It's funny that you refer to me as "highly partisan" and right-oriented when people who know me consider me a liberal. I think Scarlett is absolutely correct (didn't want to say "right") in her stating that it's time to move past these divisive labels that no longer apply.

    To anonymous #2:
    look a bit more closely at the details rather than just at the numbers -- of the six school shootinigs before 1976 three of them involved police firing upon students, and one incident (Kent state) involved the national guard shooting at students.

    After that we only see them happening at a rate of once every three or four years, and this is a huge difference than the present rate of 4 in the last two months, or the frequent postal worker shootings that occurred during the Clinton administration. So, what your wikipedia article actually does is support my argument rather than refute it.

  7. Jolly I hear what your saying and your premise could be correct, however I present one of my own that has merit as well. Perhaps the gun control laws are in response to the shootings rather than the reason for the shootings.

    See, they bring these same old bills to congress each year and most of the time they get little air time or discussion because by and large the majority of people are against gun control if they can manage to still critically think that is.

    Perhaps more money was spent and more lobbying was done taking advantage of the situation at hand, rather than the shootings being managed and handled by a sub-branch of our government or corporate interests.

    With this said, I'm inclined to think as you do in this matter, I just wanted to bring this point up

    I find your writing and quality of thought to be great and have bookmarked your site and will be sharing your articles with the members of my local think tank that was created to understand the base reality of the world around us.

  8. Gun Control would be the beggining of the end of FREEDOM for US Citizens.

    I live in a country where we had our guns taken after a mass murder, now the only people to have guns are the Armed Forces, Police, Security Guards and CRIMINALS.

    More acts of violance are being carried out against the elderly than ever before.

    Criminals have more rights than the victims, the LAW is not being administered in a fair and proper manner by the courts. I have "NO" repect for the legal profession that choose to get those who carry out acts against society, a judgement setting them absolutely free, without conviction.

    There are acts against the citizens being carried out by goverments, the current Swine/Avian/Human flu (the three decided to join with each other on their own accord) yeh sure, tell me another fairy tale.

    Yes there will come the day when good people will need to stand against the tyranny that is unfolding, without guns there is little chance, with guns you have hope.


  9. I have a question for you, Jolly. My local stores are sold out of ammo. Why? Is it possible average Americans see what's coming and intend not to turn in all their guns? Otherwise, what use would ammo be to them?

    The Columbine police waited almost three hours to enter the school while the true hero, a teacher who tried to protect his students, bled to death. There are over 100 witnesses who saw three or four gunmen and identified them by name.

    So, the big question is: Will Americans register their guns when the new bill passes, or will they become felons and not register? Because once the list is made of gun owners, we're as good as disarmed.

    I predict this: when the bough breaks and Americans have finally had enough, it will be quite a mix of folks standing shoulder to shoulder against the Blackwater thugs and brainwashed teenager troops. It will be gays, women, blacks, whites, Mormons, atheists, J'ws, progressives, Rush listeners and anarchists---everyone who sees the truth and is willing to die to be free.

  10. I have a friend (50 male) with a sleeping problem. he was prescribed Zolpidem. After taking it at 10 pm to sleep and indeed going to bed and "sleeping" he woke up in a ditch a mile from his home with his bicycle, minus the saddle & front wheel mashed,on his chest.
    A few weeks later he turned up at 3am talking nonsense so we put him to bed but he was gone in the morning and woke up at home in bed after what he called a good night's sleep.
    We got him off them after he wiped out his van. Same story, went to bed woke up in a car crash, got a lift from a biker & turned up here covered in blood, talking rot, couldn't remember where his van was etc. Now he's OK. Poorer. But alive.
    So...take a college kid with a sleeping problem and a grudge................

  11. I'm not sure how true this is but it is pretty much what happened here in the UK. The Dunblane shootings triggered it but it came out later that the shooter was a mentalist and should never have had a gun license but he was in the mason's with or was a good friend of a senior plod (can't remember which) so he wasn't properly checked out, it was all just a little too conveniant for my liking

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